About ZenDCA

Who we are and our mission

What is ZenDCA?

ZenDCA is an application to automatically purchase or withdraw cryptocurrencies. It helps users utilize the dollar cost averaging (DCA) investment strategy with repeat buy schedules. It also helps users keep their cryptocurrencies safe, by withdrawing them from exchanges (not your keys, not your coins).

It works by connecting with the user's cryptocurrency exchange account, as ZenDCA is not an exchange. Currently we integrate with 3 exchanges. Once connected, you can create as many schedules as your plan allows and we'll do the rest. Crypto currencies are purchased with the USD funds on your exchange account, not with your connected bank account. However, we help you stay on top of that with emails and helpful notifications about your USD balance.

Users have full control and insights into every schedule, with the ability to pause and delete any time. Users will be able to manage connected exchanges, view USD balances and disconnect at any time as well.

You can learn more about ZenDCA, its capabilities, supported exchanges and cryptocurrencies in general, on our Knowledgebase.

Our mission

Grow the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space and make it simple to invest and keep your cryptos safe.

Our vision

As the space evolves, we hope to be the compass for newcomers to navigate with ease.

For the more experienced traders, we hope to provide all the tools needed to buy, withdraw and track performance.

We want to make crypto learning, trading and transferring more enjoyable, less stressful and help our users achieve true Zen.


We welcome any and all feedback, so you can reach out to us any time.